About Us

Established in 1965, Sparkle Brite Car Wash has provided Owensboro area customers with superior service and value. We have a great lineup of employees who give you and your vehicle, the care and attention you need.

From the beginning, we have been dedicated to offering solutions designed to fit your budget and schedule, and the need for high quality workmanship.  ALL of our washes include hand drying your vehicle so you will never leave our wash with spots all over your vehicle.  We have been there before, nothing is worse than paying for a wash, then heading home to grab towels and dry it off yourself.  To top it off, our service extends farther with our TRUE full service washes, whereas we VACUUM your vehicle FOR YOU, so you don’t have to drag out the shop vac and roll it around while getting in a fight with the hose.

If hand drying and vacuums are not enough for you, we want you to know that in the future months we will be renovating the interior and exterior of our car wash. Please be patient with us while we work to make our car wash greater!

We will never compromise with shortcuts and we will always strive to provide you with a quality service that sets Sparkle Brite Car Wash away from the rest. We like to stand apart from the competition, and we appreciate all of our repeat customers who are loyal to our small business. We know time is important in this busy world, and when you come to Sparkle Brite you will always leave with more of it. You can’t put a price on the freedom you gain by having us keep your vehicle clean for you.